Pietro Nicola Shakerato

Ready-to-Serve Espresso Martini


Expertly crafted and inspired by Dick Bradsell’s world-famous Espresso Martini as well as the classic Italian serve of fresh espresso and sugar shaken with ice, Pietro Nicola Shakerato is the first bottled cocktail from our Italian inspired range of Aperitivi & Digestivo.

Manufactured exclusively with products from The House of Botanicals portfolio, for our Shakerato we combine cold brew coffee with Pietro Nicola Caffè Margaux, House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin, Salted Cacao and Demerara to offer up a Rich, Aromatic and Bittersweet cocktail.

To serve, simply shake 100mls with ice for 10 seconds then fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and finish with three coffee beans and a snap of fresh lemon zest expressed over the drink. Alternatively measure 100ml into an ice filled rocks glass and top with 50ml milk for a variant of the White Russian, or measure 50ml into a tall glass filled with ice and finish with 100ml chilled tonic water for an Espresso Tonic.


  • Caffè Margaux (Scotland)
  • Classic Old Tom Gin (Scotland)
  • Cold Brew Coffee (Brazil)
  • Salted Cacao (Scotland)
  • Demerara Sugar (Belize)

Tasting NOTES

Nose: Freshly ground espresso dominates with dark chocolate and a hint of clove.

Taste: Rich mouthfeel with intense coffee balanced alongside bitter dark chocolate, a hint of chilli, creamy hazelnut, black pepper and raisin.

Finish: Bittersweet, rich, and everlasting with intense lingering coffee bean and a hint of spice.


In variants of the White Russian, Brandy and Gin Alexanders, with tonic water or ginger ale, drizzled over ice cream or in desserts such as Tiramisu



Espresso Martini

  • 100ml / 3.38oz Pietro Nicola Shakerato

Add to a cocktail shaker, fill with cubed ice and shake hard for 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a snap of fresh lemon zest and three coffee beans

Variant of Dick Bradsell’s original cocktail, created in the early 1980s



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